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All Music Written and Produced by Il Grande Scisma d'Oriente
Lyrics, Art and Concept by Emanuele Capparelli
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered [at] Acme Rec. Studio by Davide Rosati, August 2009


released September 11, 2009

Vocals - Emanuele Capparelli
Guitars - Gabriele Gaudino
Guitars - Giacomo Coppini
Bass - Matteo Capozucca
Drums - Andrea Marino



all rights reserved


Il Grande Scisma d'Oriente Roma, Italy

Streaming our emotions from our heads to your mind since 2008. Like us on our Facebook page:

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Track Name: Synesthesia pt. I
Track Name: Synesthesia pt. II
Striding inside the whirling mind
All creation nestle under the soil
Awaken and risen up
Senseless euphoria pervades the heart

In the stillness of sound lies an icy wind
I am ready to follow the stream
To the firth and forth
And mingle with the ashes

When details slowly turns to dissonance
I perceive a sense of loss within
When the taste of renewed life
Turns the day into delight
Do I acknowledge the unease
Of being lone among the stars
Or dost the time to deceive
Endure Forever?

Must the morning always return?
Overhear the scents of shades
Everlasting tidal flow
Pushes me off as the sky burns atone

The vault of heaven withdraws
And wears a mask of dismal semblance
In the garden of ephimereal light
How mild it is the boon of the land

An overture motif doomed by the crowd
False notes fill the vacuum
Born as a bird being forced to the ground
A status devoid of perceptions
Stunned as a newborn creature
Suddenly thrown to the world
I found myself in the circle
In the presence of the house of God

My credence of faith was lacking
Who knew what was lying ahead
Patterns of thought clustered
Molding the edge of a dream
The architect lifted a finger
Bestowed gold to the mire
Stalls appeased to the gesture
Then breathed their last breath
Track Name: Hypnagogia pt. I
Track Name: Hypnagogia pt. II
Convert of my fortune
Roamer in an ominous sea
Sailed off at night time
Blank waves as far the eye can see
Ink clouds terrorize at once
Storms crash the keel with their majesty
Prostrated to temptation
Drown myselft as a God sinner

Am I locked inside a dream state of mind
Or can this truely be the reality?
Clearing visions of an alternate path
Made of stranger meanings

He was there
Nigh the borderline
Looked in nature's eyes
Fathom marvel and shame
The hand of frost
Handling sharpened blade
Turned the hand coloured sky
Into a glorious instrument of madness

Sinking down
Be the starving prey
Seek truth beyond the mirror
Expecting presence

He goes beyond the barrier
Swirl you certainties
Discovers Smothered waters
The sphere that frames all things
He lingers through the vortex
Swirl your certainties
In dust forsakes his godsend
Where human beings have never been

The hall of light
Where dew drops falling
Gently gladden the pain

Whatever will be
I'll allways wait for
Someone setting me free

Until the ultimate stars
Won't let the dawn of sun
Shades of grey will cover up
A world that lies asleep
Beyond the line

There's a bosom bewildered still
Unaware of what I've done
That tries to reach the highest peaks
Forever will, forever searching the light
Track Name: Onironauta
Boundless horizons
Flesh suns cycle
Light beams aflame
Golden cornfields

Eye flew higher than I could
Higher than pale blue

Socket probed depth
Where ivy flourishes
Found an old man
Absorbing daylight

Eye flew higher than I would
Higher than pale gloom

Adrift in mirrored nights
I marked gravel roads
Walked by prudish men
Whose robe is to comply

They crucified
A mortal man
As one we exhaled
Our honest breath

Deep in the core of mountains
Where hidden eternity hideuosly lives
Deep in the soul of oceans
Where hidden eternity hideously feeds

The testified
A false pretence
At once I knew
What sin we could have mend

I lied in the wind for days and days
Waking to the sound of distant rays
I rest on the leafy top of trees
Being rocked by the sound of feeble wings

Lost my conscience through this haze
Where's the entrance to this maze?

DON'T cherish your life
STEP out of the trails
IN all your events
TO achieve the scope of
THIS mortal existence
MAZE to your eyes

Seek me in vain
The mayfly rests in the lakes of despair
Find me in the east, in the Samarkand bazaar

The merchant claims
He know the way
To reach the sky
Cross the Silk Way

Bright among the Signs
Colours ablaze
A slimy silhouette
Coldly clears the way

Bright among the Signs
Colours ablaze
The thirteenth is rising
A dance with Northern lights

Bright among the Signs
Colours ablaze
A dance with Northern lights